Monkey Bread Products
Vienna, baguette, French stick, Italian cob, pasta dura, bread rolls,
Pane Di Casa, sour dough, sour dough rye, sour dough with caraway seeds, walnut and raison bread, fruit bread, ciabatta, turkish bread, multi seed breads, devon, restaurant loaves, cheese and spinach bread!

Monkey Savoury Products
Gourmet pies, spinach fetta triangle, cheese and bacon rolls, pizza rolls, sausage rolls, savoury twists, vegemite scrolls, quiche, sandwiches.

Monkey Cake Products
Custard indulgence, apple and date cake, Lamingtons, Apples pies,
Orange and poppy seed cake, cheese cake, white chocolate fruit cake, chocolate mud cakes, donuts, fresh cream sponges, apple turnover,
cup cakes, biscuits, gingerbread men, gingerbread houses.
And more.... lots more!